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Please fill out our Adoption application form after you fill it out online, click the submit button and it will come to us directly. After we receive the application and discuss it among our group, we will make an appointment to do a home check to make certain the environment is suitable for keeping a Giant Schnauzer or one of our other schnauzers. Following that, we determine if we have a dog that suits your life style. We do a thirty-day foster contract before finalizing the adoption to make absolutely certain this is the best home for the Giant and the best Giant for you. Our adoption fees range from $150 for older Giants or Giants with medical problems to $500 for younger giants. Prices for smaller schnauzers and schnauzer mixes range from $150 to $250 depending on the age and health. All of our dogs are vet checked, all shots are current, each dog is spayed or neutered as necessary, a full panel blood test is done and any problems that are uncovered are treated if at all possible, and each dog is micro chipped. Because each intake is vetted, i.e., a full blood panel run, which includes tests for heart worm, tick fever, they are spayed/neutered, groomed, etc., our adoption fee rarely covers the costs associated therewith, so our fundraisers and donations help to cover our costs.  We are all volunteers, and 100% of the adoption fee, donations, etc. goes towards our rescues.

You also need to find someone who will help you with grooming, training, behavior problems, health issues, or anything else that might come up during the life of your Giant.

We suggest you refrain from dog parks until you know your dog well and know how he/she is around other dogs. A Halti or Gentle Leader (leash) may be very beneficial in helping you learn to control your dog. Obedience classes are crucial and we can suggest a few places with good trainers.

Giants are very slow to mature. Between the ages of 1 and 4 years, they are teenagers and require much structure. This is when their instincts begin to develop. Socialization is critical during this stage. The more they are exposed to new people and situations, the better they are able to evaluate whether someone means harm to their owners or whether they are friendly.

Giant Schnauzers are often highly driven, self-motivated, energetic, intelligent, and CHALLENGING. A dog with this much “personality” can be a difficult dog to live with if it isn’t given a fulltime job to do that includes exercise, socialization, and training.

When it comes to adopting a Giant Schnauzer, it is important to remember that VSGSR may have little idea as to the history of the dog or its background. Some of our dogs come from people who purchased their Giant from what we call back-yard breeders, or BYBers, who give little consideration to the effect their practices, may have on the natural traits of this exciting breed. Some dogs come from reputable breeders but went to homes where they suffered from ignorance, neglect or abuse. Others are surrenders due to legitimate life-altering events but where rescue was the best place for the dog.